Intelligent Document Processing

Process external documents automatically from receipt through to inspection and posting

Automation of the entire document processing chain

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) is the clever combination of modern software applications from document management systems (DMS), robotic process automation (RDP) and artificial intelligence (AI). The interaction of these different solutions can automate and accelerate whole process chains right up to document processing in its entirety.

In just a few minutes after being received, new external documents are transformed into fully filled out SAP drafts which are available to employees in Accounting for them to check and post or forward on in accordance with approval procedures. Solutions that are integrated into SAP Business One such as cks.DIGITAL 4.0 and cks.RUN can do this and more.

Minimise the risk of a bottleneck in document processing

Your business receives a constant stream new invoices, delivery notes, forms, e-mails etc. Most of these involve business partners who want quick responses to their concerns. Intelligent document processing improves average processing times and enables 24/7 processing of incoming documents.

On-premise processing of your mail and confidential information

Many providers of intelligent document processing use cloud-based solutions. Confidential information such as purchase prices and customer addresses is therefore extracted, re-structured and then re-imported into your business. An integrated solution processes this sensitive data on your own servers and within your network.

For best results, connect additional information from SAP Business One

Cloud solutions for intelligent document processing are connected to the front of the ERP system and use interfaces to return results at the end of the process. A solution that is integrated into SAP Business One can fall back on additional data such as article and business partner master data and base documents. This additional information allows you to exploit the full potential of intelligent document processing.

Document Receipt

  • In Electronic or Paper Format
  • E-Mail, UNC Folder, Scanner, Mobile

Image Processing

  • Text Recognition (OCR)


  • Intelligent Classification of Document Types
  • Distribution to Personalised Inboxes

Information Extraction

  • Generation of Fully Filled Out SAP Drafts
  • Linking and Matching to Multiple SAP Base Documents


  • Deviations Highlighted
  • Ready for Human Review


  • Transfer to the SAP Approval Procedure
  • Release via Web Browser

Audit-proof Archiving

  • Linked to SAP Business Transactions
  • Available Throughout the Entire Organisation

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Basic components of intelligent document processing

Inbox Management


An intelligent inbox for the automatic classification and forwarding of business documents

  • Automate the sorting and distribution of your incoming mail
  • Improve business partner satisfaction with shorter processing times
  • Reduce the error rate associated with manual sorting

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Document Information Extraction


At the touch of a button, generate fully filled out SAP documents

  • Lighten the workload in accounting with the automated capture of external documents
  • Reduce the error rate associated with manual entry
  • See discrepancies between base documents and master data straight away in the SAP document

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Process Automation


Automate repeat processes and perform them error-free

  • Reduce your costs for repeated process steps
  • Gain more time for value-adding activities
  • Reduce the risk of errors caused by slips in concentration

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Digital Achiving


Archive documents, e-mails and files digitally and in an audit-proof way

  • Archive your documents quickly and in an audit-proof electronic format
  • Make information from documents and files available throughout the business
  • Find documents and information from any workstation in a matter of seconds

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Further components for Intelligent Document Processing

Document Management for SAP Business One

cks.DIGITAL 4.0 is the SAP Business One base add-on for all document-based business processes and thus the linchpin for digital document management. cks.DIGITAL 4.0 is modular and therefore flexibly scalable to the requirements of your company.

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Process Automation for cks.DIGITAL 4.0

cks.RUN is the basis extension for cks.DIGITAL 4.0 and automates the processes you require. In addition, cks.RUN ensures a smooth and fast exchange of data and documents among the individual add-ons of cks.DIGITAL 4.0 as well as to third-party solutions.   

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