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Inspire your customers with useful DMS solutions

Whether trade, service or production, whether large or small: A digital and automated document management is a useful and cost-saving addition in every industry and every company size. As an integration partner of cks.DIGITAL 4.0, you can offer your customers several facets of a document management fully integrated in SAP Business One: From the receipt of receipts and documents, to the distribution and assignment within the company, automatic processing of delivery notes, invoices and other document types, up to audit-proof archiving.

Achieving more together

We can only be successful together with our integration partners. It is therefore a matter of course for us to deal with each other in a spirit of partnership.

Additional business with existing customers

Many entrepreneurs would like to digitize and automate their document workflow. Perhaps you already serve customers who have asked you about electronic archiving or automatic document capture for SAP Business One. Imagine their reaction if you could now offer a solution.

Additional benefit for project acquisition

It goes without saying that your expertise makes you the perfect SAP-partner for the newly tendered project. Especially if you can offer interesting solutions such as automatic document capture or a fully integrated digital archive. Set yourself apart from your competitors with established and sought-after additional functions.

Additional turnover every year

As an integration partner for cks.DIGITAL 4.0, there are three additional sales potentials:

  1. The sale of the licenses themselves.
  2. The services you can charge for by implementing and supporting the add-ons.
  3. The annual license costs of your customers over the entire contract period.

We prefer to discuss details in private.

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What you can expect in addition from us

As an integration partner, we want to provide you with the best possible support for your sales activities. We have summarized the four most frequently used options here.

Own use of our products

You can use our products in your own SAP environment and gain valuable experience in using cks.DIGITAL 4.0. Whether the Digital Archiving cks.DMS or the Automatic Document Capture cks.ADC, get to know our products from your customers' point of view and at the same time facilitate your own daily work with a comprehensive DMS software for SAP Business One. As an integration partner, the one-off licence fees are waived for you. 

Free training for your consultants

Even though we aim to keep our products as simple as possible to use and install, it is not possible to do so without background knowledge. To ensure that you and your staff have the necessary knowledge, we offer free partner product training courses several times a year. Here you will learn everything about the installation and configuration of cks.DIGITAL 4.0 and its modules. The trainings take place online - which also saves travel and accommodation costs.

Access to attractive texts, images and posts

Whether for your website, your social media channels or your company brochures - access already prepared texts, images and screenshots for your marketing activities. Editable graphic files are also available for more custom ideas. We are constantly expanding and updating the scope.

Full support for your ideas and campaigns

Our marketing department is always at your disposal and will support you in the conception, creation of graphics and, of course, in the implementation of your very individual ideas and campaigns. We are already excited to see what you come up with. Just get in touch with us.