Automatic Document Capture for SAP Business One

At the touch of a button, generate fully filled out SAP documents from A/P invoices, delivery notes, customer orders and payment advice notes

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Lighten the workload in accounting with the automated capture of external documents

Manual entry of external documents such as invoices, delivery notes etc. into an ERP system is very time-consuming. Item by item, each value has to be added to the SAP document. With cks.ADC, you are presented with a filly filled out SAP draft document at the touch of a button. Information such as the business partner, article items, quantities and prices, shipping costs, payment terms and many other values are transferred automatically and are available for checking and posting in just a matter of seconds.

Reduce the error rate associated with manual entry                    

Whether something is entered on the wrong row, or two keys are pressed simultaneously, errors happen often when external documents are entered manually. Dealing with a high number of external documents can also lead to fatigue and lapses in concentration which further compound the error rate. With machine processing, you avoid many of the errors associated with manual entry you can avoid wasting time on correcting errors, especially when documents have already been posted.

See discrepancies between base documents and master data straight away in the SAP document

Do the quantities on the invoice match those that were actually delivered? Are the prices on the A/P invoice the same as those that are saved in the master data? cks.ADC allows you to design automatic checks for external documents and to define subsequent actions. You can configure it so that discrepancies between base documents and master data are highlighted in the draft SAP document, or you can arrange for documents to be posted immediately if they pass all of your checks. Those are just two examples of how automatic verification can be used – the possibilities are almost limitless.

Capture SAP documents automatically from incoming documents

Many businesses continue to receive external documents such as invoices and delivery notes as PDF files that are received via e-mail or in printed, paper-based form. In both cases, the data is usually unstructured, which makes it less suitable for machine processing. With cks.ADC, you can generate fully filled out SAP documents from A/P invoices, delivery notes, customer orders and payment advice notes, all at the touch of a button, which in turn reduces finance and accounting costs.

No sending of document content to cloud services

cks.ADC processes all contents of your documents in your network environment. No data is transmitted to external service providers for this purpose.

The simplicity of cks.ADC

Keep an overview of all documents

The document manager sorts all documents with outstanding tasks according to processing status. You’ve always got an overview of which documents have not yet been fully processed.

Add new documents

Add new documents quickly and easily:

  • Save files to a special Windows directory
  • Select files using the file explorer dialogue
  • Add files directly from Microsoft Outlook
  • Transfer files automatically from as many e-mail address inboxes as you like (with cks.RUN)

Select the recognition routine

Start the automatic document capture by selecting the document type.

  • A/P invocie
  • Delivery note
  • Customer order
  • Payment advice

Post the SAP document

Open the newly generated SAP document straight from the document manager and check the entered values. Any deviations that have been detected are highlighted in the document. If everything is correct, you can post the document in the usual way or forward it to the approval procedure. The document is then archived automatically in an audit-proof way.

Document Information Extraction for SAP Business One - cks.ADC

Automatic processing for both product invoices and service invoices

Automatic processing for both product invoices and service invoices

cks.ADC allows you to process invoices both for delivered goods and services. The type is set automatically when a SAP document is created so that the individual items on the invoice are transferred correctly.

Payment terms and shipping costs added automatically

Payment terms and shipping costs added automatically

The payment terms are processed by cks.ADC automatically and the corresponding values are transferred to the SAP document. The shipping costs are also recognised and sent to the SAP Business One freight charges module.

Service lines posted to the correct general ledger account

Service lines posted to the correct general ledger account

Service lines that contain processing fees, customs etc. are recognised and posted to a general ledger account that is determined by you.

Audit-proof archiving of documents behind the SAP document

Audit-proof archiving of documents behind the SAP document

Every document processed by cks.ADC is automatically archived in an audit-proof way. You can display the archive at any time by a right-click in the SAP document. Any change to an archived document is automatically saved as a new revision.

ROI calculator

At what point does the use of an automatic document capture system pay off in business terms? Our ROI calculator provides you with an orientation guide. Please note that the calculated values are based on average costs and are rounded. For a more precise calculation of your individual return of investment, please request a quote from your SAP partner.


Documents to be processed per year


Current calculated costs for the capture per document

Structure of documents

  • ROI Years
  • Saving per year %

Try out cks.ADC online

In our online tutorial we guide you step by step through cks.ADC. You process delivery notes and invoices live on our demo server, completely without software installation - simply via your web browser.

Automations and additional functions

Automatic import of new external documents

With cks.RUN, you can monitor various e-mail inboxes and transfer incoming e-mails and their attachments straight to the automatic document capture stage of cks.ADC. For example, new A/P invoices could be sent to an inbox called

Processing of structured electronic invoices

As well as electronic PDF invoices, you can process e-invoices (XML formatted invoices) with cks.eINVOICE and create newly filled-out SAP documents from them. Learn more >

Even more efficient with extensions for cks.ADC

Electronic invoices


Creation and processing of structured electronic invoices, credit notes, prepayment invoices and down-payment invoices

  • Meet the requirements of invoice recipients such as public authorities
  • Lighten the workload in accounts by receiving and processing structured electronic invoices yourself
  • Archive structured electronic invoices in an audit-proof way

More about cks.eINVOICE

Robotic Process Automation


Automate repeat processes and perform them error-free

  • Reduce your costs for repeated process steps
  • Gain more time for value-adding activities
  • Reduce the risk of errors caused by slips in concentration

More about Process Automation

Inbox Management


An intelligent inbox for the automatic classification and forwarding of business documents

  • Automate the sorting and distribution of your incoming mail
  • Improve business partner satisfaction with shorter processing times
  • Reduce the error rate associated with manual sorting

More about cks.AI

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