Simplified Invoice Approval in SAP Business One

The approval procedure in SAP Business One is a valuable tool for handling documents like invoices. However, the initial setup can be time-consuming and uneconomical, especially for smaller companies with low document volumes. The original document is therefore often still physically presented for signatures.

Enter the document manager from cks.DIGITAL 4.0: This innovative solution allows for digital, logged, and location-independent approvals directly within SAP Business One. Invoices and delivery notes are routed for approval, reviewed, and either accepted or declined – complete with comment functionality. The sender then receives the processed document and can continue their work.

These digital solutions significantly simplify the approval procedure, reducing administrative overhead – particularly advantageous for smaller businesses. With the document manager from cks.DIGITAL 4.0, approvals can be obtained quickly and easily within SAP Business One - without any major configuration effort.

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