Remote access to cks.DIGITAL 4.0

Access archived documents via the internet, view SAP document data and release draft documents in the approval process

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Provide employees access to the digital archive even if they do not use SAP Business One

The document management system cks.DIGITAL 4.0 is most often used by employees who work with SAP Business One. However, it is common for employees who don’t have access to the ERP system to require access to certain documents and data – for example, employees in manufacturing who need the access to production drawings. With cks.WEB, these employees can view, download and upload new versions of documents via a web browser in accordance with their user authorizations.

Give your tax advisor access to certain document types in SAP Business One

Every month it’s the same routine: a bundle of documents must be sent to your tax advisor. And in the meantime, they request further documents that also need to be dug out. By giving them access to your SAP documents, your tax advisor can find all the necessary documents by themselves – and exactly when they need them. This of course lightens the workload in your accounts department and frees up time for more value-adding activities.

Use a web browser to release draft documents in the SAP approval procedures

You can release A/P invoices, POs, quotations etc. for posting without accessing SAP Business One directly. Connect to cks.WEB easily with your notebook, tablet or smartphone and view all SAP documents that are awaiting approval as well as the documents that are archived behind them. You can add comments to these documents, release them straight away or return them for revision.

Access archived documents via the internet

Provision of documents and information is one of the basic features of a document management system. Ideally, access to data should be possible throughout the business and shouldn’t be dependent on location. cks.WEB is the optimal enhancement to your DMS as it provides secure access to cks.DIGITAL 4.0 and makes it possible to work with documents and information via the internet and a web browser. Access to documents is restricted according to the authorizations in SAP Business One.

Check and release documents in SAP approval procedure

With cks.WEB you can release documents such as A/P invoices in the SAP approval procedure

The simplicity of cks.WEB

Search documents

Logon to cks.WEB

Open your Internet browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are all supported) and enter your personal logon data. A secure connection is guaranteed via the SSL certificate.

Enter the features of the document you are looking for

Enter one or more search terms in cks.WEB and use other options such as document type and period to restrict your search further. The more parameters that are used, the shorter the list of documents in the search results.

Select the required document

Display the document by clicking the eye in the right of the table. The values that have been entered in the SAP document are also displayed, depending on the document and how it is linked.

Approve documents

Logon to cks.WEB

Open your Internet browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are all supported) and enter your personal logon data. A secure connection is guaranteed via the SSL certificate.

Go the ‚Documents for Release‘ tab

The „Documents for Release“ tab shows all documents that are currently in the SAP approval procedure and which have been assigned to you. You can also choose to display only those documents that are awaiting approval.

Choose the document

Open the document and check it. You can see both the SAP document data and the digitalised document.

Approve the document whilst on the move

Enter a few helpful words in the comment field and make your decision. You can approve or reject a document.

Audit-proof archiving whilst on the move

Audit-proof archiving whilst on the move

cks.WEB also provides audit-proof archiving. If changes are made to a document (for example, a customer has signed an order confirmation) you can upload the changed document to the SAP document and a new revision is created automatically.

Restricted access for business partners

Restricted access for business partners

Allow up to 100 business partners to view archived documents, invoices, delivery notes, etc. relating to them.

Even more efficient with extensions for cks.DIGITAL 4.0

Document Information Extraction


At the touch of a button, generate fully filled out SAP documents

  • Lighten the workload in accounting with the automated capture of external documents
  • Reduce the error rate associated with manual entry
  • See discrepancies between base documents and master data straight away in the SAP document

More about cks.ADC

Electronic invoices


Creation and processing of structured electronic invoices, credit notes, prepayment invoices and down-payment invoices

  • Meet the requirements of invoice recipients such as public authorities
  • Lighten the workload in accounts by receiving and processing structured electronic invoices yourself
  • Archive structured electronic invoices in an audit-proof way

More about cks.eINVOICE

Microsoft Outlook Add-in


Move e-mails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook into cks.DIGITAL 4.0, assign business partners and SAP documents, and then archive them securely

  • Move e-mails and attachments to your document management system without switching away from the Microsoft Outlook user interface
  • Assign e-mails and attachments to a business partner or SAP document in SAP Business One
  • View e-mails that have already been archived in Microsoft Outlook

More about cks.OUTLOOK

Watch detailed live demo

We will show you how cks.WEB works live, answer your questions directly and discuss individual application possibilities with you. Duration: approx. 30 minutes.

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In four steps to remote access with cks.WEB

Address SAP Partner

The implementation is always carried out by your SAP partner. He knows your SAP Business One best

Define goals

Discuss what requirements you have and automations you would like to have

Install and configure

Your SAP partner will install the required add-ons, configure them according to your goals and train you

Increase productivity

Benefit from the many advantages that you receive through remote access with cks.WEB.