Electronic Document Management

Capture, provide, process and archive documents digitally

Digitalising and automating document-based processes

A database supported document management system is essential for the digital transformation of document-based business processes. Collecting and capturing all documents, e-mails, business correspondence, files etc. in a central place and in an electronic format enables processes to be simplified and streamlined as all relevant personnel share access to the stored information.

Further process steps can be automated, such as the capture of external documents, all whilst conforming to legal requirements. Additional features include using authorisations to restrict access to the contents of certain documents, and the permanent archiving of all documents in an unalterable state.

Find documents in seconds from any workstation in your business

A major advantage over storing files in simple folder structures on file servers is keyword indexing. This involves the contents of each and every document being saved as searchable text. Much like a search engine, search terms can then be used to find documents in a matter of seconds.

Automate capture of external documents such as A/P invoices and delivery notes

Software applications can pick out and process information from many digital documents such as A/P invoices, delivery notes, customer orders and payment advice notices. At the same time, fully filled out draft documents are created in the ERP system and are checked for discrepancies by a comparison with base documents.

Archive all documents and e-mails permanently and in a legally compliant state

The rules and deadlines for tax-relevant documents also apply to those that are archived electronically. Access rights mean that only authorised personnel and user groups have access to archived contents and a new revision is created as soon as a change is made to a document.


  • Import Digital Document Receipts and Files via File Explorer
  • Scan and Save Files into a specific UNC Folder for Automatic Import
  • Forward E-mails and Attachments Directly From Outlook
  • Upload Documents via Internet


  • Make Documents Accessible Throughout the Organisation directly via SAP Business One
  • Always in Accordance with SAP Authorisations
  • Use Full Text Search to Find Documents with Keywords
  • Attach Documents to Drafts, Business Transactions, Business Partners, Batch Numbers and Serial Numbers


  • Capture A/P Invoices, Delivery Notes, Customer Orders and Payment Advices Automatically
  • Generate and Process Electronic Invoices, Credit Notes, Advance and Down Payment Invoices
  • Transfer Documents Directly to the SAP Approval Procedure
  • Forward Documents Directly to the Inboxes of Appropriate Personnel


  • Archive Incoming and Outgoing Documents, E-mails and Files in an Audit-Proof Way
  • Create a New Version with every Change made to the Archived Document
  • Use the SAP Business One Database, a Separate Database, or a Separate Database on Another Server for Archiving

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In four steps to your own document management

Address SAP Partner

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Define goals

Discuss what requirements you have and automations you would like to have

Install and configure

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Document Management for SAP Business One

cks.DIGITAL 4.0 is the SAP Business One base add-on for all document-based business processes and thus the linchpin for digital document management. cks.DIGITAL 4.0 is modular and therefore flexibly scalable to the requirements of your company.

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