document-based business processes

Let's go the way to automate your document workflow together.


Automation during import


Managing the movement and access of documents in your business


Legally compliant retention of documents


Transferring to third party interfaces

Make SAP Business One more productive

Have you optimized the document-based business processes of your business? Bring your workflow up to speed with our Add-on for SAP Business One.

test-check.png Digitalise documents

test-check.png Forward documents via SAP

test-check.png Find documents quickly

test-check.png Speed up the capture of documents

test-check.png Link documents with SAP documents

test-check.png Audit-compliant archiving of documents

test-check.png Automate processes

test-check.png Transfer to interfaces


Capture external documents automatically

Replaces the manual entry of an invoice or delivery note.


Audit-compliant electronic archiving

All fiscal documents, e-mails and attachments stored digitally


e invoicing

Process, create, digitally send and archive electronic invoices.

Document management
Industry-specific solutions

Transportation & Logistics
Real estate
Engineering / Machinery / Metals / Electrics / Miscellaneous
Pharmacy / Clothing & Textiles / Equipment / Consumer Goods
Public Services
Food, Catering & Agriculture
Engineering / Machinery / Metals / Electrics / Miscellaneous
Pharmacy / Clothing & Textiles / Equipment / Consumer Goods

Business-specific solutions

The requirements for automated document manage vary from business to business. This could involve the development of a special feature or catering for different Add-ons and interfaces. Our modules are flexible and are for everyone.

How an idea became a successful company

“A good idea, but it can’t be done”, “if it was so easy, everyone would have done it by now” and “that’ll come to nothing!” That’s what I heard when in 2010 I first floated the idea of a solution

that would significantly reduce the time and effort needed for setting up DMS software in SAP; a solution that would also reduce integration errors and simplify the overall experience for the user.