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How an idea became a successful company

“A good idea, but it can’t be done”, “if it was so easy, everyone would have done it by now” and “that’ll come to nothing!” That’s what I heard when in 2010 I first floated the idea of a solution that would significantly reduce the time and effort needed for setting up DMS software in SAP; a solution that would also reduce integration errors and simplify the overall experience for the user.

Against the "We-have-always-done-it-like this" law

As a project manager for an IT systems company during this time, I spent endless hours adjusting DMS Add-ons to the SAP systems of our customers. Hours which of course had to be billed to them. It was therefore no surprise to me that the desire for a simpler solution came overwhelmingly from the side of the client.

That can be easier too

I sat at home in my free evenings and developed my own DMS solution for SAP. I used my experiences from previous projects as a starting point. Where were the stumbling blocks? What problems cropped up time and again? What customer needs remained unfulfilled? The answers to these questions and many others formed the foundation of my software solution and helped me a lot during its structure and development.

Yes! It really is easier - and cheaper

In 2012 a milestone was reached: the first prototype of CKS.DMS for SAP Business One was finished. And now? Which company had the courage to put its materials management to the test? The answer was Elektronica SM Handels GmbH! (Thank you once again for your trust).

CKS.DMS for SAP Business One survived its baptism of fire and our archiving solution remains in use by Elektronica to this day.

And here I am today

Since then many more functions have been added such as automatic creation of external documents and processing of e-Invoices. And we’ve of course gained many more satisfied customers from around the globe. Customers who’ve allowed us to grow into one of the most successful SAP Add-on providers in the world.




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