Interface for cks.DIGITAL 4.0

Enables the connection of other SAP Business One Add-ons and external applications to cks.DIGITAL 4.0

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Accelerate and simplify business processes across different software systems

There are many electronically archived documents such as delivery notes, inspections logs and production documents that are needed by other SAP Business One Add-ons and external software applications. Alternatively, documents are created in these places. After that they, need to be archived securely in cks.DMS alongside SAP documents or business partners. With cks.API, you can create bespoke solutions and connections that are tailor-made for your requirements.

Automate the business processes between different software applications

With our RESTful API, you can avoid media discontinuity and achieve automation of document-based business processes across different software applications. When used in conjunction with our robot-supported process automation module cks.RUN, you can control the flow of documents and files precisely.

Give business partners access to selected documents

Make it possible for your customers and suppliers to download invoices and delivery notes or other documents such as quality protocols and accompanying documents directly from your website or online shop. Your business partners get the documents they need almost straight away, without your accounts department needing to do a thing.

Enables the connection of other SAP Business One Add-ons and external applications to cks.DIGITAL 4.0

SAP Business One is used in many different industries and is therefore often adapted to the special requirements of individual companies with additional Add-ons. With cks.API you can now integrate the archive and the additional functions of your cks.DIGITAL 4.0 electronic document management solution with your Add-ons as well as external software applications. This enables you to simplify and accelerate many day-to-day processes.

Access to cks.DIGITAL 4.0, business partner and SAP document data

With cks.API you can access data within the cks.DIGITAL 4.0 environment and also have access to business partner data and document data from SAP Business One.

Connection of own Software Solutions and Apps

Integrate the cks.DIGITAL 4.0 document management system into your own software solutions, your website, your online shop or mobile app.

SAP und cks.- Authorisations

Use the authorisations in SAP Business One and cks.DIGITAL 4.0 to restrict access and editing rights.

cks.API is included free of charge in cks.RUN


Automate repeat processes and perform them error-free

  • Reduce your costs for repeated process steps
  • Gain more time for value-adding activities
  • Reduce the risk of errors caused by slips in concentration

More about Process Automation

cks.API Documentation

Learn more about the possibilities to connect your application with cks.DIGITAL 4.0 in the cks.API documentation.

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Four steps to use the cks.API interface

Address SAP Partner

The implementation is always carried out by your SAP partner. He knows your SAP Business One best

Define goals

Discuss what requirements you have and automations you would like to have

Install and configure

Your SAP partner will install the required add-ons, configure them according to your goals and train you

Increase productivity

Benefit from the many advantages you receive through the cks.API interface.