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Basic Installation and configuration of cks.DIGITAL 4.0

Basic Installation and configuration of cks.DIGITAL 4.0

To gain a basic level of knowledge for installing and configuring the DMS solution cks.DIGITAL 4.0 and its Add-ons. After this course you can take part in a final examination and you will receive a certificate of completion if you achieve the minimum pass mark.

Course structure
The course is spread across three 2-hour online modules which usually take place weekly.

Topics / Contents
1.) The course starts with an introduction to cks.DIGITAL 4.0 and cks.DMS. You will learn about minimum system prerequisites and how to prepare for installation of the Add-on. You will then look at installation via LightWeight and ARD.

The course then continues with an explanation of the cks.DIGITAL 4.0 licence model. You will learn about which licences are required and when they are required for different scenarios. We will then talk about the functions and possibilities of the cks.DMS digital archive, how to update the Add-on safely and how to import data from a different archive.

2.) The second week is all about cks.COCKPIT: What is it for? What can you do with it? We will also take a closer look at add-ons that can be conveniently managed with cks.COCKPIT, such as cks.OUTLOOK and cks.RUN.

3.) The third part of the course looks at the automatic document capture module cks.ADC. You will learn more about basic functions and licence management. We will look at project implementation and which steps are performed by the user, which are performed by you as the partner, and which are performed by us. You will also learn more about the configuration of cks.ADC; how to transfer freights and G/L accounts from documents; general document training; and how to create different value checks.

At the end of this course, you can take part in a final examination in order to receive a certificate of completion. This certificate is required if you or other colleagues in your company wish to open Support Tickets with us.

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Next start of course:

15 February 2024

at 11:00 a.m. (UTC+1)


Four course units of 2 hours each, weekly

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