cks.DIGITAL 4.0 In Lightsaber Production

Whichever industry we look at, there will always be documents of some sort, whether in paper or digital form. There will always be an exchange of delivery notes, invoices, purchase orders etc. between customers and vendors. And financial authorities will always take a keen interest in these documents which won’t stop at fictional businesses in galaxies far, far away. Unsurprising, no?

In our new video for cks.DIGITAL 4.0, our DMS solution for SAP Business One, we show how a lightsaber producing business, representing all industries, can simplify and accelerate document-based business processes whilst making them more cost-effective in order to remain competitive.

Take a look – it’s just 2:31 minutes which will surely be worthwhile.

If you’d like to know more about using cks.DIGITAL 4.0 in your specific industry, simply book an appointment for a live demo.

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