Beta test for cks.ADC Pay-as-you-go - Part 2

The first part of our beta test for cks.ADC Pay-as-you-go already ran very successfully. With the support of our partners we were able to improve some points in our software solution. At this point we would like to thank them for their help.

Now we are going into round two: We would like to present the revised version to a new group of beta testers now, in order to make further improvements, if necessary, before we release the add-on.

What is cks.ADC Pay-as-you-go exactly?

cks.ADC Pay-as-you-go is aimed at companies that have a low number of monthly incoming invoices; companies that would not previously have had enough documents to make an automatic invoice capture system commercially viable.

With cks.ADC Pay-as-you-go…

  • Connect accounting in SAP Business One with cloud solutions for automatic invoice capture in next to no time
  • Manage and process all incoming invoices clearly via the SAP Business One user interface
  • Pay only for each processed invoice – no subscriptions, no monthly quotas

Become a beta tester now and register until 27 October

The registration period has already expired. Therefore, registration is no longer possible.

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