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CKS.DMS für SAP Business One

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cks.ADC enables the automatic capture and archiving of documents through the reading of certain parameters.

During recognition, an SAP document is created automatically and filled with the relevant values that were previously entered manually.

If a previous SAP document is found (e.g. a recorded delivery note for an invoice), this is also automatically linked and compared. 

Deviating values such as quantity or prices are highlighted and can therefore be checked immediately.


There are three different aspects to automatic document capture.


1. cks.ADC


2. ZUGFeRD configuration


3. ESR configuration


This chapter deals with cks.ADC only. ZUGFeRD configuration is described in the cks.eINVOICE chapter and ESR configuration is described in the cks.SwissQR chapter.


Three packages are delivered with the standard version of cks.ADC.


AdrGeneral: This package contains the document logic for e.g. invoices / customer orders. The line price is taken into account here.


AdrLite: The line price is not taken into account and this is therefore suitable for goods receipts.


AdrPayment: Relevant for the generation of incoming/outgoing payments.