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ZUGFeRD 2.0 Invoice exchanges with government agencies

The European Union means business. Since 2014 guideline 2014/55/EU has stipulated that by the end of 2020, businesses must send invoices over €1000 to government bodies and contracting authorities in electronic form. For those who work regularly with government agencies this means that a change to ...
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The slowcoach automobile industry

As is often the case, the automobile industry is both a pioneer and a slowcoach when it comes to electronic invoice exchange. BMW, Mercedes and co. have been processing invoices in an electronic form for many years. For quite some time now in Germany and almost without exception, it is only ...
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In vielen Branchen sind Produktionsprozesse mittlerweile derart komplex oder Prozessvorschriften so strikt, dass die bereits sehr umfangreiche Funktionalität von SAP Business One von zahlreichen Unternehmen erweitert wird. ProcessForce ist ein Add-On des polnischen Unternehmens CompuTec, welches im Bereich Prozessfertigung eine etablierte Lösung darstellt. Mit diesem Add-On können ...

In many industries the production processes have become so complex and the protocols have become so strict that many businesses require further enhancements to the already wide-ranging functionality of SAP Business One. ProcessForce is an Add-On from the Polish company CompuTec, which is an established solution in process manufacturing. This Add-On allows you to map all manufacturing processes in production and determine all required resources. CKS.DMS adds an important dimension to ProcessForce: intelligent document management. This means that it will soon be possible to archive digitalised documents for products, batches or processes, such as test reports and supplier information.

Automatic assignment of key words through the text recognition feature of CKS.DMS allows for a targeted search of archived documents. Barcodes also mean that printed documents can be archived in batch processing without any further steps.

CKS.DMS independently assigns scanned documents to the corresponding object or process again. Our developers are currently working on the implementation of these new functions. Look out for our June newsletter in which we’ll announce further details.

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