Remote Access
on Documents and Receipts in the Archive

Make yourself independent of your archive and use the Internet for access. View, share, upload from wherever you want.

Access archived documents

All information from archived documents, files and emails is available to you anytime and anywhere.

Upload new documents directly

Import new receipts and documents into the archive and thus guarantee immediate availability in the company.

Approve invoices on the go

Check invoices in the approval process and approve them for payment, regardless of location.

cks.DMS from anywhere
Access to your archive in SAP Business One via web browser

Whether via the Internet or intranet, with cks.WEB you get secure access to your cks.DMS archive in SAP Business One. Use the full text search or access your archived documents, files and e-mails directly via business partners and SAP business processes.

Practical for sales representatives

Whether for preparation for a customer appointment or for follow-up: via web access to the digital archive, your employees in the field always have access to customer documents and can immediately provide information for further processing.

Practical for the tax office

Give your external tax office insight into the digitally archived documents. For example, Invoices can be checked quickly and independently and corrected if necessary. Your accounting department does not have to search for and send them.

Practical for business partners

Grant your customers and suppliers access to the documents archived behind the respective business partner in SAP. So set z. B. Safety protocols available for specific batches.

Check and approve documents in the SAP approval process

Use the cks.WEB to view and check incoming invoices over the Internet or intranet and then approve them directly or send them back for revision. The workflow of the approval process configured in SAP is accessed and applied.


Secure access through SSL certificate

Protect your data and store your own SSL certificate in cks.WEB. By authenticating and encrypting the internet connection, you protect your archive from unauthorized access.

Key functions overview

Archive access via the Internet / Intranet

Access your entire archive via a normal web browser.

Limited access for business partners

Give business partners access to archived documents, invoices, delivery notes, etc.

Identical access authorization SAP -> cks.WEB

Named users for cks.WEB automatically receive the access authorizations already stored in SAP.

Release documents in the approval process

Release documents within the SAP approval process on the go.

Upload of documents

Load documents into the archive even when you are on the move.

Additional input of metadata

Enter additional information about documents in the free text field or by selection.

Integration of an SSL certificate

Secure access to your archive via the Internet using an SSL certificate.

Propose a new function!

Tell us which additional functions you would like. Individual adjustments are something we are always willing to accommodate.

Prices and implementation

Nobody knows your SAP Busienss One better than you and your SAP partner. And because our add-ons should fit perfectly into your infrastructure and have to implement your requirements exactly, we always work with your SAP partner.

Please ask your SAP partner directly for prices!

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