QR-Invoices and ESR
for SAP Business One

Automatically generate completed SAP draft documents from the Swiss invoice form

Capture QR invoices and ESR automatically as you scan.

With the new QR invoices, the processing of invoices is to be simplified and accelerated. But this only works if your ERP is also able to read and process the QR code. For SAP Business One, we have developed an add-on specifically for Switzerland's new invoice format. At the same time, it also reliably processes the ESR used so far.

icon-no-hardware.jpgNO SPECIAL HARDWARE NEEDED
cks.SwissQR works with any commercially available flatbed and document scanner.

Process QR invoices printed on paper

QR invoices sent to you by mail can be easily scanned and processed using your flatbed or document scanner.

Process QR invoices in PDF format

Increasingly, invoices are being sent as PDF files. You can conveniently process these QR invoices directly. They do not have to be printed out or visually captured on the screen.

Import QR invoices directly from Outlook

Move QR invoices directly from Outlook to SAP Business One. After processing, a completed SAP draft document is then immediately available for you to process as usual.

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We will show you how it works live, answer your questions directly and discuss individual application possibilities with you. Duration: approx. 30 minutes.

More than just reading the QR code

cks.SwissQR does more than simply read the QR code. The additional functions support you in accelerating your document workflow and help to process invoices even faster.

Captures QR invoices and ESR automatically

One solution for different formats. With cks.SwissQR, you can automatically capture both the new Swiss invoice format QR invoices and, in the same way, the traditional ESR documents that are still in use.

Starts the recognition at the push of a button

From the document overview, you start the recognition routine simply with a mouse click. The distinction between ISR and QR invoice is made automatically. The completed document is then available to you.

Instantly identifies customers and suppliers

The correct business partner is automatically recognized during processing and transferred to the newly generated SAP draft document. This means that data from the invoice that is not included in the QR code can also be used.

Finds related SAP base documents

During processing, the system checks in the background whether a base document already exists in SAP Business One. If this is the case, the values in it are compared and deviations are highlighted in color.

icon-no-switching-between-applications.pngNo switching between two user interfaces

cks.SwissQR is fully integrated with SAP Business One. You don't have to switch back and forth between two applications or work with different devices.

Archive QR invoices in an audit-proof manner

At the same time as a QR invoice or ESR is automatically processed and captured, the document behind the SAP transaction is also archived in a revision-proof manner. As soon as a change is made to the document, a new revision is automatically generated and additionally archived.

Process item and service invoices

During automatic processing, a distinction is also made between article and service documents. While the stock level is increased in the case of article documents, the corresponding G/L accounts are addressed in the case of service documents.

Watch live demo

We will show you how it works live, answer your questions directly and discuss individual application possibilities with you. Duration: approx. 30 minutes.

The most important key functions at a glance

Function cks.SwissQR
Physical and electronic formats? Capture paper documents, PDF file and electronic invoices automatically.
Incoming invoice recognition routine? Capture invoices automatically.
Determine vendors and debtors? Determines the relevant vendor using the code lines / QR code information.
SAP base document assignment? Checks whether previous SAP documents exist and links them if found.
Communication with cost centres? Communicates with cost centres, regardless of the G/L account assignment.
Transmission of individual items? Transmission of individual items from the SAP base document to the target document.
Flexible and adjustable? Flexible and can be adjusted to company-specific requirements.
Audit-proof archiving? Links documents with vendors or SAP business transactions and archives them in an audit-proof way.
Article and service documents? Both article documents and service documents can be processed.
Outlook Add-in? Process QR invoices directly from your Outlook inbox.
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Watch live demo

We will show you how it works live, answer your questions directly and discuss individual application possibilities with you. Duration: approx. 30 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a payment assistant?

Currently there is no payment assistant integrated, but we are collecting requests for this. If we receive enough requests we will integrate a solution into our cks.SwissQR.

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