e invoicing
in SAP Business One
Process, create, digitally send and archive electronic invoices.

More quickly

Immediately transmitted and booked. No delays due to time-consuming input.

More economical

Elimination of printing and postage costs for outgoing invoices as well as time savings for incoming invoices.


Lower costs through purely electronic archiving - audit-proof.

More individual

Standard is not always standard: Store a separate configuration for each business partner. 

XInvoice, ZUGFeRD and Faktur-X
Send and receive electronic invoices in SAP Business One

Take an important step towards digital transformation and exchange invoices and credit notes with your suppliers and customers electronically. The basics of the simplified exchange of invoices are created in the standard formats XRechnung, ZUGFeRD and Factur-X.

Customizable for each individual business partner

Even if there are standards for electronic invoices, in some cases individual adjustments have to be made for a smooth and complete exchange between two business partners. Namely whenever additional data such as serial numbers are to be transferred. With cks.eINVOICE you can create an individual configuration in SAP Business One for each of your business partners.

Business partner

Determine with which business partners you would like to exchange invoices in electronic formats in the future.


Define the format in which you want to send the invoices at the business partner level. XRechnung, ZUGFeRD or Factur-X.


Do you need special information such as Item numbers of the recipient submitted? You can store as many export and import definitions as you need and link them to the respective business partner.


You can also define the type of transmission at the business partner level. Does the e-invoice have to be uploaded to a specific system or sent by email? You can also automate this process with our cks.RUN.

E-mail or upload
The data transmission

Depending on the configuration, the PDF and XML files of the electronic invoices are generated and archived in the SAP document. You can then either send these files manually by e-mail or upload them to the recipient's portal. You can also have this process carried out automatically and in the background with our cks.RUN.

Powerful performance 
Overview of key functions


Send and receive invoices and credit notes from ZUGFeRD 1.0 format.


Send and receive invoices and credit notes from XInvoices 1.2.2 format.

ZUGFeRD 1.2 XInvoices

Send and receive invoices and credit notes from ZUGFeRD 2.1.1 XInvoices format.

Format selection per business partner

For each business partner, save the format in which you want to send the invoices and credit memos.

OPTIONAL: Individual export definitions for each recipient

Adapt your export to the individual definition of the recipient and transmit any additional information required.

Propose a new function!

Tell us which additional functions you would like. Individual adjustments are something we are always willing to accommodate.

Prices and implementation

Nobody knows your SAP Busienss One better than you and your SAP partner. And because our add-ons should fit perfectly into your infrastructure and have to implement your requirements exactly, we always work with your SAP partner.

Please ask your SAP partner directly for prices!

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