Digital Archiving
for SAP Business One

Audit-proof electronic archiving of documents, emails and files.

Archive documents, emails and files electronically

Keep all relevant documents, files and emails in electronic form. Outgoing documents such as delivery notes and invoices are also archived automatically and unchangeable. Access the digital archive from all authorised workplaces and find any document in seconds using the full text search, via the SAP supplies or via the business partners.

no-switch-between-applications.pngNO SWITCHING BETWEEN TWO USER INTERFACES

cks.DMS ist fully integrated into the SAP Business One user interface.

Archive audit-proof...

If changes are made to archived documents, a new version is automatically created and archived in the same place. All changes can be traced and reproduced via a list.

...also outgoing receipts!

Create quotations, delivery notes and invoices as usual in SAP Business One. With printing and posting, the document is automatically archived and linked to the business transaction. Here, too, new versions are created and stored with every change.

Automate your workflow

A signed order confirmation always triggers a delivery of goods for you? Then why not have the delivery generated in SAP when importing the document and automatically assigning it to the archive? These and other automations are no problem with cks.DMS.

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Make documents accessible throughout the organisation.

A significant advantage of digital archiving is the availability of documents throughout the entire company. It makes no difference whether the documents are needed in the office next door or on another continent. Access takes place directly via SAP Business One, taking into account the authorisations.

Via personal inboxes

Each employee has a personal inbox that can be used to import documents into the SAP Business One environment. You can load documents directly into these personal inboxes or move them from other personal inboxes or from a global inbox. The assignment and the exchange of documents takes place within the SAP Business One environment.

Via SAP documents in your workflow

Documents, files and e-mails can be archived directly behind SAP business transactions. Anyone who processes this business transaction and has the necessary authorisation can now view and edit the documents stored behind it and also archive further documents behind it.

In the simplified approval procedure

In many cases, it is sufficient to simply check and approve the incoming document. To do this, the digitised document is simply moved with the approval request to the personal inbox of the respective employee. The employee can then view the document and approve it with a note or stamp. Of course, a new revision is created, archived and returned to the original employee.

In the SAP approval procedure

With cks.DMS you can also transfer documents directly in the SAP approval procedure. The recipient of an approval request can thus also view the digital form of the original document and compare it with the values entered in the SAP document

lock.pngAlways according to SAP authorisations

cks.DMS uses SAP authorisations so that access and editing of documents can be assigned to specific employees.

Find documents in a few seconds

Electronic archiving offers the advantage of quick access to archived documents. In just a few seconds, information can be searched for, made available and used directly at the workplace.

Full text search

You can find archived documents in various ways. All documents stored in the archive are automatically indexed by OCR software. You can find archived documents in seconds using the full text search. By using wildcards and operators such as AND and OR, you can refine the search further and further.

Directly linked to SAP documents

Most archived documents are linked to an SAP business transaction or business partner. With a simple right click, you can display the archive behind each corresponding transaction or business partner. This gives you an overview of all relevant documents.

Archive emails directly from Outlook

Archive the correspondence with your business partners and customers directly from your Outlook and link the archived emails with the SAP business partner master data. Or directly with the SAP business transaction. This way you have immediate access to all relevant e-mails and their attachments. These are archived at the same time.

Screenshot cks.DMS Outlook Add-on

Connect your archive to other applications

You can also connect other applications or SAP Business One add-ons to your electronic archive via the WEB API interface. For example, your CAD documents can be archived directly behind the sales order, or the other way around, other applications can access archived documents.

Screenshot cks.API - Definition

Archive documents related to SAP batch numbers and serial number

Link relevant documents, e.g. for quality assurance, with batch numbers and serial numbers from your production or from incoming deliveries. This means that the documents can be found again quickly and archived in an audit-proof manner.

Screenshot cks.DMS bei Chargen- und Seriennummern

Automatically sort incoming documents to SAP transactions

Using a barcode / QR code, you can automatically assign documents to the corresponding SAP business transactions. Recurring documents such as order confirmations are already provided with a code during generation. For documents for which there is not yet an SAP transaction, this is first generated manually as usual and a small sticker is printed when the document is posted. When the documents are scanned and imported into the electronic archive, this is then recognized and the document is filed behind the appropriate transaction.


We will show you how it works live, answer your questions directly and discuss individual application possibilities with you. Duration: approx. 60 minutes.

The most important key functions at a glance

Function Limited Professional
Full text search? Search documents for specific search terms and text fragments.
SAP Business transactions? Link documents directly with the SAP business transactions.
Draft documents? Link documents with draft documents e.g. during the approval process.
Automated assignment? QR codes allow recurring documents such as order confirmations to be assigned automatically to the posted SAP documents.
GoBD compliant? Audit-proof archiving for your documents and e-mails.
Audit-proof archiving of outbound documents? Outbound documents in SAP Business One are not usually archived in a audit-proof way. cks.DMS generates an unchanged document automatically and saves it in the archive.
Batch numbers and serial numbers? Link documents with batch numbers and serial numbers.
E-mail archiving? Export e-mails from your e-mail client and import them into the archive for revision-proof storage.
Global archiving folders? Create different global folders and use them to archive documents that cannot or should not be assigned to an SAP object.
Personal inbox? Move documents within the SAP structure to the relevant personal inboxes of employees for further processing.
Integration of newly developed functions? Receive newly developed functions that are added to cks.DMS free of charge and with the next update.
Audit-proof archiving of SAP attachments? Audit-proof archiving of attachments that have been added to an SAP document. Do this manually or automatically with cks.RUN.
ZUGFeRD 1.0 & 2.0 ? Send and receive ZUGFeRD invoices up to format 2.0 and process them automatically.
API-interface? Connect other applications to your electronic archive.
Outlook Add-in ? Move e-mails from Outlook directly into the archive.
Custom developments? Adjust cks.DMS to your individual requirements.
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Discuss your options with an SAP partner

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We will show you how it works live, answer your questions directly and discuss individual application possibilities with you. Duration: approx. 60 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the data stored?

The question of the storage location is closely linked to the question of costs and security. Depending on your very own requirements, you can therefore choose from three different options:

  • Directly in the SAP database
  • In a separate database, but on the same server / cloud
  • In a separate database on a different server / cloud
Can data that has already been digitally archived be transferred?

Generally, a transfer of the existing data is no problem. This applies to other digital archives in conjunction with SAP Business One and also to completely different enterprise resource planning systems. In order to be able to make a statement as to whether and to what extent the data can be transferred in your specific case, a review of the inventory data and the linked characteristics is necessary. Based on this, a conversion must then be written.

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