The CKS.DMS Web: Document Management made fast, easy and accessible

Standing still means falling behind. In the spirit of this motto, C.K. Solution has developed a new product for its customers and business partners: the CKS.DMS Web.

The CKS.DMS Web: Document Management made fast, easy and accessible

The Document Management System CKS.DMS is both a reaction to and a driver for change in the world of time and cost-intensive processing with paper files towards the fast and efficient paper-free office of the future. The software enables not only the efficient storage of paper documents but also the intelligent archiving of e-mails and files. It can be adapted for the internal processes of firms, it greatly simplifies the storage and retrieval of business documents and therefore saves time and costs. CKS.DMS is integrated into SAP Business One and has the following advantages for its users:

  • Revision safety/versioning: every process is supplied with a new transaction number which creates transparency in document management and protects against data loss
  • Supports multiple clients: simultaneous storage and processing of several clients
  • Additional archiving options: archiving behind batches and serial numbers
  • Process optimization: automatic generation of barcodes and file names for e-mails, files or scanned documents as well as automatic text recognition and keywording which simplify the archiving and retrieval of documents
  • Connectivity: numerous interfaces to other Add-Ons from SAP Business One (e.g. beas, SMS-PPS or ProcessForce, B1 Cloud)
  • Low setup costs: fast installation and full integration of CKS.DMS into the workflows and approval procedures from SAP Business One reduce the setup costs considerably.

CKS.DMS Web, the new Add-On for CKS.DMS, provides an interface that allows for fast and efficient data retrieval in SAP Business One and CKS.DMS via a browser with the intuitive usability that this always brings. With the help of a Web server, direct access is made to the SAP database as well as the archive data, which considerably reduces processing times, for example when dealing with customer data and vendor data via clients. However, the best part is that these data requests can be made from anywhere. Of course, the safety settings of SAP are used and enhanced to guarantee that only those who can access sensitive data are those that are authorised to do so.

You can find more information about CMS.DMS and CKS.DMS Web for SAP Business One at