CKS.DMS - it pays

CKS.DMS for SAP Business One's return on investment is 1.5 years on average. See how CKS.DMS for SAP Business One works in production environment, e.g. how our client Formpack utilizes it!

CKS.DMS - it pays

The flexibility of our document management system CKS.DMS for SAP Business One increases steadily, as we have shown in previous newsletters. One example of this is the modern software product's multitude of interfaces to our partners' automation solutions. Among them are the beas group ag, the SMS Business Software Solution GmbH as well as the CompuTec S.A. with their products beas Fertigung, SAP Business One Metall and ProcessForce. The reason why CKS.DMS for SAP Business One acts as an interface to these systems is simple: Their combination offers a limitless field of applications. In December 2015, SAP gave its prized Quality Award to the AdS Consulting GmbH, honoring the company's successful implementation of SAP Business one with the software solutions of C.K. Solution and their partner beas group ag at Formpack, one of their customers.

Formpack utilizes our document management system CKS.DMS for SAP Business One in all of its business units such as production, quality assurance/RMA as well as article and batch management. Here, CKS.DMS allows for an efficient processing of paper documents and files. As soon as a production order is created, a document with a barcode which contains all necessary process information is generated. Along with the order, this paper document passes through production and records data such as measurement values, times or quality controls. After the order's completion, the document returns to the administration, where it is scanned. The barcode which had been generated while printing now makes an allocation to the production order possible and can therefore be archived automatically. A paper receipt is no longer necessary.

Formpack uses the automatic file processing for article-related purposes. For every article, a comprehensive calculation exists, usually in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. The customer may continue to use this procedure. The Excel files are simply equipped with a macro which deposits each article in the document management system with an up-to-date Excel calculation in the form of a calculation process. Here, one of the system's strengths becomes obvious, as changes in the calculation are archived as new revisions. This way, data such as modification date or modified content may be reproduced at any point in time.

Be it the archiving of paper documents or article-related files, in both cases the result is a long-lasting archive which ensures legal compliance. Scanned paper documents are saved in the platform-independent PDF/A format. Furthermore, they are submitted to a complete indexing, as automatic text recognition takes place during the archiving process. This way, you may find the correct company records associated with a specific process anytime and anywhere.

You, too, can profit from the quick and easy archiving function that CKS.DMS for SAP Business One offers, and thus permanently bypass the time-consuming search for paper documents. CKS.DMS for SAP Business One‘s return on investment is 1.5 years on average. If you have any further questions, please contact Mrs. Böttger either by phone at +49 5451 - 95422-92 or via e-mail to